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Jumping the transition curve
Limitless - VIP is a lifestyle and entertainment agency, leveraging blockchain technology as one of its payment options for services. Masternodes, Proof of stake and Privacy. All decentralised cryptocurrency communities have one type of reward system or another for individuals who help secure their network. In systems like Bitcoin, the rewards are given to ‘sha256 miners’, individuals, groups of people or organisations that use these specialised rigs to secure the Bitcoin network. In Limitless, anyone who has VIP can help secure the network and is able to receive rewards for their efforts! Limitless VIP proudly leverages a mixture of Masternode and Proof of stake governance without the need for proof of work (POW) miners. Not only does this make VIP much more environmentally friendly than its proof of work cousins, it also means that VIP has jumped the transition curve in relation to user and transaction security. Limitless VIP is an independent currency, meaning it is not governed by the same structure as Ethereum ERC20 tokens, these suffer at the mercy of the ETH price or the misfortune of smart contract misconfiguration or hackers of linked tokens dumping the price.
Last modified 2yr ago