Make a backup EVERYTIME you create a new wallet address and to be sure, also create backups in periodic intervals

What is the "Wallet"?

The “Limitless Wallet” is a file (wallet.dat) which contains all your private seeds. With the seeds you can claim possession of coins stored on the respective addresses. If you lose the wallet.dat, you lose all your funds

Why Make a Backup?

You could lose your wallet.dat because of a drive failure or simply by deleting by accident. On top of that, wallet files can also become corrupted, due to an unclean shutdown of the wallet

Option 1

Open your wallet and got to

“File” -- > “Backup Wallet..."

Enter a filename and click save

Option 2

Takes more space, good for fast restore

CLOSE wallet for this

Press “Windows + R” and enter


or go to C:\Users\"Your User"\AppData\Roaming\ and zip the whole Limitless folder



Dump the private key for every new created address in your wallet and be sure to note these keys somewhere save, on multiple drives or at best printed out in a safe!

What is a Private Key?

The private key is an alphanumeric string that allows coins to be spent. These keys are stored in the wallet file. With the Limitless wallet you have private seeds for your addresses.

Why Make a Backup?

In case you lose the ability to restore your wallet file, the private keys are the last option to restore your funds to a new wallet file

Export Private Keys

Exporting Single Addresses

Open your wallet, go to the debug console

“Tools” -- > “Debug Console"

and type

dumpprivkey VIP-ADDRESS

Repeat for all your addresses save the outcome

Export Private Key of CHANGE Address

Enable "Coin Control"

“Settings” --> “Wallet”

Go to "Send" tab open "Coin Control", look for the CHANGE address and repeat dumpprivkey

Exporing All Keys at Once


“Tools” --> “Debug Console”

and type

dumpwallet "PrivKeys.txt"

save the outcome