!!NEVER delete backups of your wallet.dat and walletautozvipbackup.dat. Be shure to always backup your wallet.dat by hand from time to time (Close wallet for this) Make shure you have seed dump of all your VIP addresses in case of total loss of wallet.dat!!

What to do?

Check if Your Wallet is on Latest Version

If is not, download the latest version ( and install

Corrupted Blockhain Files

Stop your wallet

Go to C:\Users"Your User"\AppData\Roaming\Limitless

Windows + R

and type


Delete everything except limitless.conf, masternode.conf, wallet.dat and backups folder

NEVER! delete backups folder or backups made by hand!!!

Download latest blockchain snapshot from

Copy snapshot (blocks and chainstate) to your Limitless directory (C:\Users"Your User"\AppData\Roaming\Limitless)

Start your wallet again

Corrupted wallet.dat

Stop your wallet

Replace wallet.dat with backup

Start your wallet