Sometimes the wallet wont sync with the chain, this could be because of forked or corrupt chain files. Forked chain files will result in wrong entries in the peers.dat and banlist.dat so that the wallet is cut of from the rest of the network

What to do?

Check if Wallet is on Latest Version

If is not, download the latest version an install

Check if your Firewall is Blocking the Wallet

If so, create a rule to allow the wallet

Use Bootstrap from Within Wallet

Bootstrap from cloud​

Use Bootstrap by Hand

Stop your wallet

Go to C:\Users"Your User"\AppData\Roaming\Limitless

Windows + R

and type


Download latest blockchain snapshot from

Copy snapshot (blocks and chainstate) to your Limitless directory (C:\Users"Your User"\AppData\Roaming\Limitless)

Delete peers.dat and banlist.dat

Start your wallet again