Using the control wallet, enter the debug console (Tools > Debug console) and type the following command: masternode genkey(This will be the masternode’s privkey. We’ll use this later…)
    Continue using the control wallet, enter the following command: getaccountaddress MN1(This can be named as you wish)
    Still in the control wallet, send 4,000,000 VIP to the address you generated in step 2 (Be 100% sure that you entered the address correctly. You can verify this when you paste the address into the “Pay To:” field, the label will autopopulate with the name you chose”, also make sure this is exactly 4,000,000 four million VIP; No less, no more.)
      Be absolutely 100% certain that you copied the address generated in step 3 correctly. And then check it again. Limitless Support will not be able to help if 4,000,000 VIP is sent to an incorrect address.
    Still in the control wallet, enter the command into the console: masternode outputs (This gets the proof of transaction of sending 4,000,000)
    Still on the main computer, go to the Limitless VIP wallet, by default in Windows it’ll be %Appdata%/VIP or Linux ~
Find masternode.conf and add the following line to it:
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